Truth or Death. (A RP Group)

Truth or Death. (A RP Group)

A group of high school kids, most of them friends, some of them not, decide to play a game of Truth or Dare. It goes well, until somebody dares the whole group to go into the abandoned factory near where he lives. The factory has been, or at least they think, abandoned for more then 30 years. They'll enter inside to find it's not abandoned, but home to some very unhappy characters.
🎵 This is a short group, consisting of at most 15 members.
🎵 If there is a (*) somewhere in the form, it means it is optional.
🎵 Make sure you've read all the rules, please. I'll know if you have ;)
🎵 Doubling is highly requested. If you do not wish to double, that is perfectly fine.
🎵 I am very sorry if somebody has taken a faceclaim that you wished to have taken. Please check the list for notice.
Audition Template:
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Reserved FC's- (If you can't make an audition yet)